Saturday, September 12, 2009

In Hospital

Where to begin....

Kaitlyn had her Port-a-cath surgery August 27th and like I said everything went just fine! She came home and had a slight increase in secretions which is normal after being intubated. After about 3-4 days she is usually back to her baseline. By the Monday (four days) post surgery Kaitlyn's secretions were on the rise and not getting any better. She also started with a bit of a cough on Monday. By Tuesday she was bi-pap dependant, but not because she was desatting. She would go into fits of continuous coughing every time we took her off of bi-pap. Secretions were still on the increase and we thought that perhaps she was getting a cold. By Wednesday post surgery Kaitlyn spiked a fever of forty. Considering she just had her port placed we worried about infection in her blood so we brought Kaitlyn into ER to have them run some cultures and figure out what was wrong.

The cultures from ER all came back negative and in the meantime we had taken Kaitlyn back home to care for her. So from Wednesday until the following Monday (1 week since onset of symptoms) she still had fever that would spike to forty every time we took her Tylenol away and she was still obviously junky and sick! On Monday (Labour Day) we took Kaitlyn into ER again as she obviously wasn't getting any better. She had even come down with a new issue of not digesting her feeds very well. Kaitlyn was started on Ciprofloxacin as it is the antibiotic of choice due to her colonization of a particularly nasty bacteria pseudomonas.

After starting an antibiotic Kaitlyn usually responds very well to treatment. Within a couple of days we can witness a remarkable change in her symptoms. This time after five days of antibiotic treatment in our home she still wasn't getting better. She was only digesting about 1/3 her normal volume of fluids. We also had to take Kaitlyn's normal formula down to a base mix, which means that she was getting a lot fewer calories and less of all other nutrients. We did this as Kaitlyn won't digest her feeds otherwise. So we brought Kaitlyn back into ER yesterday (Friday) as we really felt that she needed IV antibiotics and IV fluids.

Our stay in ER was really ridiculous! They kept us there for a total of six hours! SO much for her protocol!!! Five hours after waiting around ER the attending pediatrician from the floor told us that they would admit us for the night, but that they didn't want to change any of her meds. and they just wanted to observe her through the night!!! I told the physician that we've BEEN observing her or the past five days at home and she is not getting any better. I said that if I wanted to observe her for one more night then I would have kept her at home!!! There was a resident shadowing the physician and I thought his eyes were going to pop out....hehehehe!! Long story short they called Kaitlyn's pediatrician who is in charge of one of the teams at our hospital and whom Kaitlyn is always admitted under!! She told them to start the IV meds. but left the fluids up to them. So IV meds were started Friday night and fluids were not.

This morning (Saturday) Kaitlyn is about the same. Because they didn't start the fluids like we had wanted she was pretty she sounded great when the nurses listened to her. This as we know can be dangerous as if she gets too dry we may not be able to mobilise the junk in her chest to be able to get it out! When Kaitlyn's pediatrician came in to see her this morning she wanted her started on IV fluids. They don't want to give her much, just enough to keep her better hydrated so her secretions won't be so thick!

Overall I think that we needed to be in hospital and now that we are here she will be followed properly so that we can figure out how to keep her from getting sick because of pseudomonas. We may have to start some sort of preventative regimen in order to keep her healthy! Oral cipro alone doesn't seem to be working for her anymore. I'm glad that she will be followed by Infectious Disease from now on...we have been asking for this for some time now! Infectious Disease wants to leave her on IV cipro until they can figure out exactly what it is Kaitlyn seems to be culturing and then hopefully we can check for sensitivities and get her on one or more antibiotics that will knock those buggies out of her!!! Infectious Disease also wants to run a host of other tests (not the standard run of the mill). I am much happier today knowing that they are finally going to DO something to help.

I have observed today that Kaitlyn's tidal volumes are pretty low (60-80) depending on her leak!! That's pretty low for a child her weight. I have also noticed that she is paradoxical breathing while on her vent, and this shouldn't be the case. So far her blood gases are good, but we may have to increase her pressure settings to make her more comfortable so that she isn't having to fight so hard to breathe!!! No wonder she has been sleeping almost 24/7 at home! I don't know how long she has been breathing this way either...I hope not long. I always wonder how much I fail to pick up on when we are I have more responsibilities at home and more distractions. When we come into hospital Kaitlyn is my number one concern as I know my boys are being WELL cared for (Thanks to Grammy and Grampy!!!).

I'll keep everyone posted on how we make out! Right now we are where we need to be!!


Devon said...

Yikes. Stupid doctors. Glad she finally got admitted and hope she gets better soon!!

Nina said...

Oh My gosh Kim!! I am so sorry!! I wish I lived closer so I could be more of a support to you.
She is added to our Prayers!!!
many hugs!!Call me if want!!

ritesh said...

Oh God what a nightmare!! God bless Kaitlyn!! We will pray for her to get well soon.... lots of love, blessings and hugs for Kaitlyn.. ritu, ritesh and kavya