Saturday, June 5, 2010

EHS & Sparky the Fire Dog

We are in the process of updating Kaitlyn's Special Patient Card with Emergency Health Services. A special patient card is a protocol we set in place so that Ambulance drivers know what to do in the event that we should have an emergency with Kaitlyn and need their services. In setting up this new protocol we have had the pleasure of meeting an EHS supervisor who has taken an interest in Kaitlyn. He has requested that our hospital set up an information day where they can learn more about Kaitlyn's condition :) They have also asked the firefighters at our local fire department to attend. The firefighters are our first responders :)

As a result of our meeting with the EHS supervisor, our local fire chief payed Kaitlyn a visit a couple of weeks ago. He brought us a reflective house number; much more visible signage for EHS and anyone else needing to find our house! They even took the time to find us a sign post, pounded it into the ground and hung the sign! The firefighters also arranged to have our road sign moved. The sign was originally placed on a telephone pole about 15-20 feet from the main road. Thank you very much to our local Fire department!

When the fire chief visited he said that he would send Sparky the Fire Dog over the next weekend to see Kaitlyn :) So today Sparky the Fire Dog walked into a very happy little girl's room!!! She was beaming from ear to ear :) She absolutely LOVES dogs and to see this great big "dog" in her bedroom tickled her :) Sparky gave Kaitlyn a stuffed dalmation dog and a firehat :) She LOVES both! Kaitlyn took the dalmation dog to bed with her :)

The Fire Chief also brought several firefighters and a firetruck over. They opened up all the compartments on the firetruck and let Kaitlyn, Alexander and Owen check out anything they wanted :) This was so nice of them!! Our children don't get to go out as much as we may like so they were thrilled to have a visit from a firetruck and Sparky. They will talk about this for days now :) Thank you again to our local Fire Department! You guys are great!

This is how Sparky arrived for his visit :)

Kaitlyn and Sparky :)
Kaitlyn and her loot :)
She likes big trucks after all...LOL
Sparky was so nice to Kaitlyn

She even tried to wave to him :)
Alex loved the firetruck too!
Firefighter Alex...hehehe

Kaitlyn took "Sparky" to bed :) (She calls her dalmation Sparky)


Mary said...

Awww! Great pictures! I bet the kids loved it!

Devon said...

AWESOME!!! What wonderful people...I'm so glad they have taken such an interest in K...that'll make it so much easier when you need them (I hope it never happens!)

Grammy said...

Grammy is so happy that the community is taking such good care of all of you. Great pictures and a wonderful update. Love you all!!