Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We are Driving!

Kaitlyn's wheelchair has finally arrived! We have a custom pink bubble-gum paint job...custom seating...and very sensitive fibre-optic drive controls :) This has been and is going to be a learning process for all involved. Kaitlyn has been such a trooper through all of this!

Kaitlyn had her first try with the fibre-optic drive controls last week! Like a dummy, I forgot my camera :P I took some photos with my phone camera, but alas I have Vista and Vista does not like my phone :( LOL We had training session #2 today. We are having some minor issues trying to find exactly the right place to put the fibre-optic drive controls so that Kaitlyn can access the lights easily! She has so little movement left...even in her little fingers. With the fibre-optic lights all Kaitlyn has to do is interrupt the light beam with her finger and the chair will move until she moves her finger away from the light. She is doing well recognising that when she interrupts the light, the chair moves :) A little too well...LOL! Her OT was trying to get her to stop on command, and she would ask Kaitlyn to stop. Kaitlyn of course is looking all around and ignores the OT. The OT then corrects Kaitlyn by lifting her finger off of the drive control and Kaitlyn proceeds to holler at her :) As soon as we let her finger go you have to jump out of the way :) Move it or loose it!!!


Ana Alesia said...

We are SOOOO happy for you! Alesia & her familly

Devon said...

AWESOME!!! Yay Kaitlyn!!!

CCHSKID said...

Hi Kaitlin!

Your new wheels are so cool and I love the pink color!

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