Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Sleep!

The last two nights have been really rough! Alexander has been calling out several times a night needing someone to come in and tell him there aren't any shadows on his ceiling!! His newest THING! Kaitlyn has been up pretty much on the hour needing to be rolled over, repositioned and nurtured back to sleep. She almost never does this unless she's sick...except this time she isn't sick! She has been running very low grade fevers. I say "very" because her temp. has only been 37.5 degrees Celsius, which isn't very high but it's up for Kaitlyn. HMMMM! Now to try and figure out what's up.

She recently had her first set of serial casts placed. Her lungs are crystal clear, as confirmed by her Chest Physio-therapist (who at our hospital do all respiratory treatments, including cough-assist....not the RT's). She is teething also, which is the most likely culprit, although Kaitlyn doesn't usually run fevers when cutting teeth. Perhaps the combo of both the casting and the teeth? Just keeping a close eye on her for the next few days. The other smaller factor, maybe not so small, is that Tim has been putting socks on her feet over top of the casts. We haven't been doing this through the day, but rather leaving her little toes out to air ;O) It might seem like a small thing to have warm toes, but for a little kid who cannot kick the covers off, and cannot communicate what's wrong...this could very likely be the problem. We'll see how tonight goes!!

Kaitlyn's first set of casts come off tomorrow night at home so that she can get a good full body bath and a bit of a break. Then she will be recasted Thursday. I really hate all these trips into the hospital. At least we don't have to go near the cafeteria, food courts, or anywhere near the floors!

Wish me luck that we can get a little more sleep tonight!

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Devon said...

Hmm. When you mentioned the fever my first thought was teething...but if she doesn't ordinarily run fevers when teething...hmm. I hope she's ok. And I hope the casts help. I know it's a pain to have to go to the hospital all the time, but hopefully it will all be worth it!!