Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crazy Times!

Kaitlyn's been a little "off" for two weeks now! Two Sundays ago Kaitlyn had what can only be described as a plug. A plug is when secretions pool in the lungs and form a ball of mucus. This happens when there is decreased airflow to the lungs and inefficient secretion removal (ie. coughing). The plug blocks the airways into the lung causing atelectasis or even collapse of the lung.

Since the plugging Kaitlyn has had little spells of desatting, mostly through the night and first thing in the morning. Almost like she still has some areas of minor collapse...atelectasis. She has normal lung sounds and no fever, but we have been watching her close.

A few days ago she started with watery stools...literally! We took her back to a base formula diluted with extra pedialyte and lots of water. We took out all of her juices and fruit. After a couple of days she seemed to improve so we began very slowly adding back in her juices and fruit. Then she went to the other extreme and no stools at all for four days! CRAZINESS!

The last three or four nights she has been awake several times throughout the night. This is tough on Tim and I as he has to get up and work the next day, and I have to get up and be mentally alert and physically able to handle all of Kaitlyn's and the boy's needs. Tough, tough, tough! Yawn!!! Oh and Alexander has taken to late night strolls in the dark and needs to be taken back to bed!! I know....any other time I'd be LMAO too!

Today Owen is running a fever. Tonight it was 39.1 poor little guy! His voice sounds a little off but he is only complaining of a sore stomach from time to time. No other symptoms other than the fever. He put himself to bed tonight at 7:30pm. However he was up at 11:45pm to sit on the couch with Tim and I for a few minutes. Pathetic!!! Says his throat is really sore tonight, and sneezed all over me several times! We gave him some tylenol and he went back to bed without a fight, but the poor little guy looks pretty sick.

Now we just have to hope that whatever he has Kaitlyn already had!!

Kaitlyn thought MaMa was pretty funny the other night. As I recall she was just laughing at me for no reason. I think this was the last night before she started getting fussy day and night.

Owen and Alexander got new dolphin and shark flashlights from NaNa. They were having fun in the big box Daddy gave them that came with his new exercise bicycle.

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Devon said...

Hmm. She seems to be up and down. Well, I am hoping for no more plugs and some calmness for you all.