Monday, February 2, 2009

Results from Round Two Serial Casts!

I got to see early what round two of serial casting has done to Kaitlyn's heels! The casts got wet last night when I gave Kaitlyn her bath. Tim wasn't going to bath her, but she needed one, so I dunked her and got her casts wet :O( I guess I'm not used to controlling those long limbs!

Round two of serial casts has left her heels with breakdown again!!! Both heels look bad this time. Is it even worth it?! Well, her ankles are pretty much contracture free and Kaitlyn really doesn't seem to mind the casts at all, or the breakdown for that matter. She's a brave little girl. I still think the breakdown is preferable to surgery to cut her tendons. The surgeon told us that cutting the tendons is painful, at least when the tendons are actually cut!! I don't want to be the one to cause her more pain. I think that I would rather let her ankles contract than to put her willingly through more pain and suffering.

Owen's fever didn't amount to much. It was gone on Sunday. Kaitlyn had a great day Sunday, no real issues at all. Today Kaitlyn has had increased secretions. I've had to sit next to her with suction ready all day. Secretions got a little worse after her nap this afternoon and increased a little before bed. She's sleeping soundly now. The alarms have only gone off twice so far. Her lungs are clear so hopefully she will get a good sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. She hasn't had any fever yet.

Alexander on the other hand has a fever tonight!! He was feeling absolutely miserable before bed. He fell asleep in my arms after supper (he NEVER does this)! When he was all ready for bed he was playing nicely on the floor with a toy. He got so sleepy he pitched forward onto his nose on the laminate flooring. He cried and any other time I would have busted my gut laughing but the poor little guy was so pathetic!!

Warning: I've attached some pics of Kaitlyn's heels. Remember, just like last time, there is some breakdown and they don't look too pretty but she isn't bothered by them at all. If you mind this sort of thing you might not want to look!

Breakdown on Kaitlyn's Left Heel.

Breakdown on Kaitlyn's Right Heel.

Gain from First Casting...Left Foot.

Gain From Second Casting...Left Foot!

Gain From First Casting...Right Foot.

Gain From Second Casting...Right Foot!

I'm sooo glad that we took photos the last time!!! It really makes the world of difference to not only know that we've had some gain, but actually see the difference!! I thought that the last gain was huge! I'm very pleased with how the casting has worked. Except of course for the breakdown on the heels. Something that we would obviously like to avoid, but at least she isn't in any REAL pain!

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Devon said...

Ouch! But I'm SO glad that you guys got so much of a gain from it!!!! Kaitlyn is such a trooper!