Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines and a Mirror!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Sorry for not posting in so long, but not too much has been happening around here lately. Tim and I are pretty much over our head colds. Friends of ours came down with similar symptoms as us only ten-fold! They've been pretty sick. Their youngest had croup and the oldest a fever for a week. They took him into ER and he has pneumonia! Poor little guy. We sure hope they start feeling better soon! There are also a number of SMA children in hospital sick right now. A discouraging number of them with RSV. Thank goodness for our RSV shots every month! While the shots are no guarantee they are better than nothing! We are hoping that these families are reunited very soon. It's harder than you can imagine to be separated from ones loved ones and they from you! Especially in light of the fight that takes place within the hospital walls to save the life of your loved one!

Enough about hospitals and illness. Tim took the boys down to the grandparents for the weekend. It's a two hour drive, which was blizzard part way today. They get to play with grampy and go outside! They always come back with stories to tell. Kaitlyn and I painted a couple of pictures and read a couple of books. She adored both activities! She loves all the undivided attention but you can really tell that she misses all the activity and commotion when the boys are gone. We went for a couple of short walks today with her on my shoulder. This is her favourite spot to be, but she's really getting too heavy (and big) for this now! But boy does she enjoy going for walks. She sings the entire time :D

Kaitlyn has a little mirror that she LOVES to use to see areas of the room behind her. She can turn her head a bit but the movement is really hard for her and takes a lot out of her. This is the face she gets when she can hear somebody coming but can't yet see them. She was watching in the mirror for Owen! Scroll down and see what he does that she LOVES so much!!!!

Owen is such an amazing little guy!! He totally gets Kaitlyn and how to make her happy! It's a special gift he has, and a special kind of love for his little sister!


Devon said...

Oh, they are TOO sweet!!! What an amazing sweet family you have!! Your kids are just too precious.

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