Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Cold of the New Year

Well we have our first cold of the New Year! I thought that we were going to get away with just a low grade fever and a couple of sneezes. Owen is still fine. He had a bit of a dry cough today, no fever and is otherwise fine. Alexander's fever was gone this morning and he was acting much more himself today, but he too has a bit of a dry cough. Alexander has a bit of a runny nose and is quite tired too. Kaitlyn needed a full treatment last night at 1:00am and had a low grade fever. She woke up this morning with increased secretions, lungs are clear, but the low grade fever was still there! We got lots out of her during her morning treatment. She's been fine all day. Hasn't needed any extra bi-pap time, no major desats, just lots of suctioning and an extra treatment through the day. She's still in a good mood too! Probably because I had to sit next to her the entire day so that I could suction. She loves it when she has my undivided attention! And she loves hollering at Daddy for his! LOL!

Hopefully this is the worst that we will see! She has been good tonight...no alarms!! Always a good night when things are quiet. Sats are great but heart rate is slightly increased probably from the low grade fever.

Kaitlyn Paying with Her Brothers Monday.


Devon said...

Let's keep her that way! Stay healthy, girlie!!

ryanandkate said...

Hope you feel better soon sweety!! I love your blog and your pictures - you are beautiful!! I think you and Mary would have tons of fun together!!


Kate and Mary