Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Cold 2009 Update

Oh my! What a week! Tim and I have been hit pretty hard with this cold. Thank goodness it has all been in our head and throat!! The kids are pretty much all better, except when they get tired...then they have a few melt downs. Kaitlyn just has some residual secretions, but is otherwise her same old self.

Kaitlyn is turning into quite the bossy two year old! She is getting more and more particular about how she wants things. If you don't hand her the right sticker, doll, small toy....meltdown! And whatever you do...Don't take away anything she has in her hand!!! She throws a fit when we take something out of her hand...I think she thinks that we are snatching! Like anyone has ever snatched things from her!! Her brothers are VERY good to her...they've never made a point of snatching anything. They are usually the ones that give her things.

The funniest thing she has had meltdown over recently was a receipt. Yes you heard right..a receipt from the future shop I believe! Owen was out in the livingroom with a receipt (of all things!?! It's not like they are lacking in the toy department!!). He was throwing it up in the air and it was spiralling down to the floor. Kaitlyn thought this was just the funniest thing. And of course Brother is the "Apple of her Eye". She absolutely LOVES Owen! Anyway, sometimes he would blow it and it would make noise and stream across the space where she was laying. :O) Good times were being had by all!!! But then the fatal mistake! Owen placed the receipt in her hand!! She threw a FIT when he took it out of her hand to continue the festivities!! It was close to bedtime and we couldn't risk her getting all choked up! There were big crocodile tears, runny nose...the whole deal!! Once she had the receipt back in her hand she was fine. Then Daddy comes out to put her in bed...repositions her and the receipt falls out of her hand. He starts looking for what's wrong..checks her g-tube, checks her limbs, suctions...pauses thinking! :o) <-- ME! I said she wants that receipt laying there! He looks at me, really. He puts the receipt back in her hand...then :oD. Laugh! She took the receipt to bed with her. The morning nurse thought that it was pretty funny that she had a receipt in her bed the next morning!

Hoping for a quite weekend for us and all our SMA buddies! Sending healing thoughts for Jacob, Vivianne, Lauren and Kyle, Hayden, Van, and Mary! Get well soon ALL!

Kaitlyn and Daddy having a discussion on the couch! I wonder who was lecturing whom?? LOL She looks upset but she was just concentrating on what she was "telling" Daddy ;O)

Here's one for the Camera!! She's still a camera Piggy!

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Devon said...

I'm glad it hasn't hit too hard. We're gonna get through this winter. Just keep swimming...

The receipt story is too funny!!!