Sunday, July 26, 2009

Proud New Homeowners!!

We are now the new owners of a four bedroom bungalow! It is a lovely large home with an ocean view! We move in mid-August and are so happy to be leaving our moldy apartment!! We have a lot of work to do before we can move into our new home. We have to build a ramp for Kaitlyn. Right now her medical stroller/wheelchair can not even get into the house!!! Then we need to build a BIG fence around the perimeter of the property. These things are going to cost us a pretty penny!!! But hopefully we will manage to pay for it all. I have no idea how the ramp and fence are going to happen with only Tim. Hopefully he can scrounge up a couple of buddies to give him a hand. It might not be so bad if he had actually ever built anything before, but he is hoping to get some advice and learn as he goes! We also need a chimney insert to run a woodstove...but that may have to wait until next winter! I think we have a smaller woodstove that would get us started.

Kaitlyn and the boys are going to LOVE this new home. They will be able, once we build a fence, to go outside whenever they like :o) Even Kaitlyn LOVES the outdoors. I can see us spending a great deal of time outside! Guess I better start knitting the kids some mittens. Owen likes homemade mittens the best :o)
Kaitlyn has been doing really well. I guess she just needed a full month of antibiotics to help her get the psuedomonas under control. Since she colonizes pseudo. we will never really ever get rid of it! But hopefully we will continue to be able to control it when it flares up! We did learn that she has some resistant pseudomonas. This is a really good piece of information for us to have. Now we know that if we treat with antibiotics and nothing is happening, then we have to take her in to the hospital ASAP!! Hopefully it will be a good long time again before we have another flare up.
The kids have been asking and asking for a kitten!! We would never have considered it in our apartment, but Tim did tell the boys that if we ever moved into a house..... Well, we are getting two kittens mid-August! They will be a nice "welcome to the new house" surprise for the boys!! They are going to be absolutely thrilled!! I cannot wait to see their little faces when they see them. Our boys are really very good with animals, especially babies! Even though they are so rough and tumble with each other. Alexander absolutely adores anything feline!!! He IS a cat on a regular basis :o)

I'll let everyone know how the ramp, fence and the packing go :o) The next time I post we may be in our new home!


Ana Alesia said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you! I think the boys and most of all Kaitlyn will be a lot more happier going outside every day.

Victoria Strong said...

Wow! It is beautiful! And I know seeing it so much more accessible for Kaitlyn is wonderful! Happy Housewarming!