Friday, July 17, 2009

Pseudomonas...Strep Throat...House Hunting!

Wow I cannot believe it has been almost a month since my last post. Several people have asked how we are doing. Well after Kaitlyn got sick we did a two week course of antibiotics. Then Kaitlyn was off antibiotics for two days and started up with green thick secretions and wet lungs again. We took her into ER for a sputum sample. The ER doctor, not really knowing Kaitlyn, and none of our regular doctors being available advised us to put her back on her antibiotic. Two days later we found out that Kaitlyn had cultured peudomonas yet again. When our pediatrician called we found out that Kaitlyn now colonizes resistant strains of pseudomonas. Resistant to the antibiotic we have been trying to treat with. Since Kaitlyn seems symptomatically better while on the antibiotic our doctors have recommended finishing this second two week round of antibiotic and then take her off and see how she does! If she gets sick again with the "green stuff" then we will be forced to try a new med. Not too sure what that is going to be but our Ped. has assured me that she and our pulmo. have a plan!!! It's my hope that when we stop this fourth week of hefty broad spectrum antibiotic that the ugly green monster stays away!!!

Tim and I are just getting over strep throat. I've had a sore throat for almst a month, which isn't uncommon for me. I get sore throats with allergies, weather change, dry air, environmental changes and every virus that goes through he house! But I had about three days of unbearable sore throat and it felt like strep...I used to get strep throat a lot in my younger days. Anyway, after a few days I started to feel better but Tim got worse. He ended up with a sinus infection!! Not fun!

We are still searching for a house! We really need to get out of this apartment! We have found a home that we really like and are in negotiations to buy this house. There are some issues, as I'm sure there always are!! But I'm still hopeful that everything will work out. The place is a little farther outside of the city than we might prefer to be, but not so far that we feel that we are putting Kaitlyn at any risk. It's not too far from the children's hospital. It may make our nursing a little tricky...not too sure how many of Kaitlyn's current nurses will be able to make the trip out there. Who knows the move may bring some new faces.

I don't want to rant about the house we have found that we like in case we don't get it. But I would like to say that it is one of the best we have veiwed as far as meeting most of our needs. We wanted a home with MOST of the living space all on one level. Not easy to do in a small city! People tend to build up...not out! This home is a largish bungalow with a large yard. There are four nice sized bedrooms on the main floor. A huge kitchen, and a big living room. There's a dining room off the kitchen and a nice sized bathroom. The hallways aren't even cramped!! I could totally see a power chair zipping around this house ;O) The basement is partially finished. One bedroom, family room and half bath. With a large unfinished rec room (can you say toy room folks!!!!!). That's'll have to stay tuned to see if we get the house ;O)
A recent pic of our pseudomonas (bacteria) filled girl! She's always happy, even when sick!

My silly inseparable boys :o)

Friends of ours invite us over evry so often. We are always so thankful for their hospitality and enjoy very much each and every visit! I have very few snap shots of Kaitlyn and I together!

These are Kaitlyn's new "shoes" as Alexander calls them! They are orthotics to keep Kaitlyn's feet from dropping and will hopefully help to prevent contractures.


Spinal Muscular Atrophy - Shira Fisher said...

We love Kaitlyns new shoes!! We hope all of you feel better soon! Give the girl a hug from us1

Devon said...

I HOPE it works out with the house!! And I'm sorry about the resistant pseudomonas. But her AFOs are adorable!

Cass said...

Thank you for the update. Love the pictures--you look great, and the kids are adorable! Love the AFO's, too! :)

ritesh said...


I really pray Kaitlyn gets well soon. and the green demon never return.

Please tell us more about Kaitlyn new shoes orthotics as my daughter who also have sma type 1 is fighting from contractures.
Lots of luv and hugs to Kaitlyn
Thanks and regards
Ritesh (India)