Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our New Home

We spent the weekend days at our new home!! YAY! The kids ALL love it there! On Saturday I think we were at our house for a total of about twenty minutes before there was a knock at the door. A neighbour boy (eight years old) had heard tell we were moving in and had children :o)Then as I'm walking from kitchen to back deck to check on the kids....what do I see leaning against my house peering into my kitchen?? A big golden retriever dog...wagging her tail and obviously very used to my new home!! She didn't seem to mind that I didn't look/smell like the old owners!! She was very friendly and (like all goldens) lo ved the attention from the kids :o) When we bought our house we had no idea that the price included a neighbour boy and another neighbour's dog!!! Both kid and dog spent the entire afternoon with us :o)

It's funny how negatives about a potential house can take a backseat to all the positives you are focusing on. There are a few things about this new house that will need to be upgraded...some fairly soon and others will have to wait a couple to a few years! The kitchen sink is aweful!!! Pretty grungy looking and very scratched up. One of those sinks you look at and cringe at the thought of having to do dishes in it...not to mention Kaitlyn's things!!! The main bathroom needs to be redone (but this will have to wait). It is serviceable, but the tub does have a couple of chips in it :o( There is a carpet in the master bedroom that I somehow hadn't noticed when we viewed the house!! And the carpet is REALLY grungy!! It's one of those carpets, it's so aweful that we might have to rip it up and walk on the plywood boards for now until we can afford some decent flooring (NOT CARPET!!!!!). The finished rooms in the basement need upgrading, but can wait. there are carpets in the living room and dining room that I would eventually like removed.

In the backyard I found a wonderful pot-bellied stove :o) I really like these little stoves. They are great for outdoor social gatherings and just fun for the family on summer nights! The kids are going to love lighting it up for the first time :o)
Here's Kaitlyn just waking up from her first nap in our new home :o)

Gee.....Wonder what woke her up?? hehehe Introducing the neighbour boy :o)
Kaitlyn's new pet!! She LOVES this dog!! Wonder why??
The view of the ocean!
The neat little pot-bellied stove nestled in our backyard. Can't wait to light it up!

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Alison said...

Hi there, I am visiting your blog for the first time from Hopeful Parents. What a lovely family you have. Your daughter is beautiful!! Enjoy the new home (and the 4 legged friend that came with it!)