Saturday, August 22, 2009


We are almost completely moved into our new home!! The kids are loving it :o) The boys are spending time running in and out of the house, and Kaitlyn is even getting outside more. Just not on days that are too hot! We still need to figure out some way to build a ramp!! We cannot bring her medical stroller into the house! This is a huge pain as it is a good spot for her to sit sometimes :o(

Our two new additions are settling in just fine :P They are quite the household terrors now! In case anyone missed it...we now have two new kittens in our house! Owen and Kaitlyn are smitten!!! Alex just wants to put the sleeper hold on them :P Poor Kittens!

Kaitlyn is scheduled for surgery for 8am on the 27th of August! We only decided this the beginning of August, and as always our hospital made room for our girl!! They seem to really love her there :o) Our surgeon is the best and we have full confidence in him. He won't take her into surgery before making sure that he has a particular team in place for surgery, anaesthesia, and PICU!!! We love him! Kaitlyn is having a Port placed. A port-a-cath is a tiny medical appliance that is placed under the skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein. The port then sits just under the skin and can be palpated and used for central venous access. What does this mean for Kaitlyn? It means that Kaitlyn would never need to feel another needle poke! A blessing!! The skin over the port can be frozen with a gel; then a needle would access her port without her ever needing to feel another poke.

This will save us a lot of worry!! We will never have to worry about blood work ever again. We will finally be able to have Kaitlyn's blood drawn for genetic testing for a blood disorder!! (As she develops blood clots). It will be a huge relief when the port is placed and it is all said and done.

Our two new arrivals!! Introducing Blacker (or Blackie) and Spider!!

Owen learning to play with his new Kitty :o)
Spider is a little more timid...or is it SMART!! hehehe
Looks like Owen is doing a good job. Kitten is Smitten :o)
Kaitlyn in her new home.
Owen showing Kaitlyn Blackie!
Spider is coming around :o)
The Lawn Mower Parade :oD Around and around and around!!! They just wouldn't stop that night!!!!!!!!!!


Nina said...

Glad you are moved in! Life will settle down a bit here soon I hope. No more trips for awhile. Now back to home schooling Lizzy and researching.
Hope you all are doing great!!

Devon said...

Glad you're settled in!

Prayers that the surgery will go well...I know no more pokes will be great for Kaitlyn!