Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Ramp!!

We bought our new home and moved in back in August. The first thing we knew that we had to somehow make happen was wheelchair accessibility for our new abode. For three months now Kaitlyn's Wheelchair/medical stroller has had to live outside in our van :( Banished alongside the stroller was our back-up cough-assist and true sine inverter (needed to run said device). This equipment is very expensive and difficult to procure. With snow and cold weather threatening to arrive we have been worried about the equipment being stored in our van.
Tim spoke to our Social Worker at our children's hospital about needing a ramp and asked if we could get any help building. Our social worker wanted to know if we needed help building or funding supplies. We of course said that we would be happy with whatever help we could get! Tim and I were hoping for some guidance and expertise in how to build an accessible ramp. A few short weeks later our social worker told us that we would have a couple of contractors come out to assess our needs for a ramp. We had high hopes that the pair would give us some expert advice on how/where to build our new addition.
Then two weeks ago we had a call from the contractor saying that we would be receiving supplies to build a ramp and they would be out shortly to begin the build. Before the call we had no clue that any arrangements had been made for a ramp to be built!! We knew that our social worker had been looking into getting some funding for a ramp, but we had no idea that the funding had been found!
Our supplies arrived a couple of days later and the contractors the day after! They were wonderful! They were even kind and patient with our boys, who just HAD to be out there observing their every move :) The contractors were here for three days and finished our new ramp :)
It is so hard for us to put into words how we feel about having this ramp built for us! Unless you have a child like Kaitlyn and truly understand ALL that she entails each and every day, then it would be hard for you to realize just how much a simple ramp can do to make our lives that much easier! Kaitlyn has frequent appointments at our local children's hospital, not to mention the very few family outings we get together. Taking her out of the house is a huge undertaking!
Before the ramp we had to carry supplies out to our van and load up Kaitlyn's stroller piece by piece! This took several trips back and forth to the house lugging everything out by hand. When Kaitlyn travels out of the house we have to take ALL of her equipment with us. She is a vent dependant child with an extremely unstable airway! The last step was to carry Kaitlyn out in my arms, climb into our non-accessible mini-van, work my way around her stroller and get her settled without breaking any of her limbs! Kaitlyn is a big girl and carrying her in tight spaces is becoming increasingly difficult!!
With the ramp we can load up Kaitlyn's stroller, supplies, machinery and angel baby :) Then all we have to do is stroll her out, down the ramp and into the van! This is just so much easier. Especially in the bad weather!! It is also so much safer both for Kaitlyn's equipment and for Kaitlyn :) With the ramp, an outing of a few minutes can be done without a second thought, when without the ramp it wasn't even considered. This is a huge plus for a little girl whose first words in the morning are "go, go, go"!
Supplies for our new ramp :)
Supplies unloaded....ready for the contractors!!
First snowfall of the winter season covering what was accomplished Day 1 of the build.
Our finished ramp!!! :O)
Some recent pics of the kids:

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Mary said...

Awesome!! How exciting!! I'm sure it will make things A LOT easier for you guys!