Monday, November 23, 2009

PICU and Another Lengthy Hospital Stay

Remember when Kaitlyn was sick with a pnuemonia back in September?? Well it would seem that we never really ever got that cleared up!!

Kaitlyn was on ciprofloxacin (broad spectrum antibiotic) back in September for an illness that seemed bacterial in nature. We know Kaitlyn colonizes pseudomonas in her lungs so cipro is always our drug of choice when she gets an infection. Well back in September cipro didn't work to get rid of the infection. Kaitlyn ended up hospitalised on IV antibiotics. The IV antibiotics were given for two weeks (one week at home) and then another eight days on two broad spectrum oral antibiotics!

After about a week Kaitlyn started with increased secretions again. So we put her back on oral ciprofloxacin. She seemed to respond nicely to the antibiotic this time and we breathed a sigh of relief! However we did run cultures also and the cultures grew heavy growth psuedomonas and heavy growth Staph. Aureus among other bugs. However since Kaitlyn seemed to be getting better we assumed that the buggies weren't infectious but rather just colonized in the lung :(

We finished a ten day course of antibiotic at home. After which Kaitlyn was healthy for two whole days! She went from healthy and happy sitting up and acting normal to wet and junky lungs in twelve hours!! We chose not to expose Kaitlyn to all the sick kids flooding the ER late at night. I stayed up and did therapies every three hours all night last Monday night. In the morning we took Kaitlyn to ER. It would seem that she didn't appreciate being moved! She crashed down into the seventies a couple of times in ER and was having a rough time coming back up! We increased her vent settings and bled some O2 through her bi-pap (it took both to bring her up to 90% O2). Typically we don't like the O2 through the bi-pap, but Kaitlyn's PCO2 level was fine and our goal was to discontinue the O2 as soon as possible!! They accessed Kaitlyn's port and began IV antibiotics right away. I'm glad that they did. She was running a high fever and we believed that she probably had something bacterial as nobody else in our house was sick.

Because Kaitlyn was a little unstable she made the nurses and ER doc a little nervous I think. They decided to send her to PICU. We have not been to PICU for an illness in over a year and a half. As it turns out PICU was an absolute nightmare!!! H1N1 EVERYWHERE!! And me without my vaccine yet...EEEPPPPS! Needless to say I was washing my hands like crazy! As luck would have it, Kaitlyn responded well to treatments and we got rid of the O2 through the bi-pap the next day. We did cough her with O2 for a day longer. X-rays showed a pneumonia in Kaitlyn's upper right lung. She also had some infiltrates throughout the lungs (areas looking mucousy/wet).

After spending one night in PICU we were able to move Kaitlyn to regular floor. This way she could be more closely followed by doctors and specialists that know our daughter best! Also Kaitlyn's pediatrician works in our children's hospital. This is great for us, as any time we are hospitalised we are admitted under our pediatrician's name :) Not a soul knows Kaitlyn like her pediatrician, and while she is not an SMA doctor we love her as she is willing to work with us and listen to our input!! As you know this is huge for our SMA families....just having someone who will listen to and try some of our unconventional ideas :P

Since last Tuesday we have been waiting for Kaitlyn to show some signs of improvement! Her fever is gone, she is not needing O2 in any form and her bi-pap settings are back to normal. But...she is still junky! We took an x-ray yesterday that showed the pneumonia in the upper right lobe has cleared (there's no consolidation anymore). But there are infiltrates throughout the lungs and appears in particular to have spread into the lower right lung! URG!!! In a consult with Infectious Disease yesterday, they confirmed that Kaitlyn is on the right antibiotics to cover the bugs she why is she still sick?? Today we have to redo cultures and they also want to redo her H1N1 test and add some plasma tests (?). You know I almost hope that they find something viral!!! Crazy how we used to wish for Kaitlyn NOT to get a virus! Throw in a couple of super bugs and all of a sudden we are praying for the viral CRAP!!

Hoping my next post is from home...


Devon said...

Agh. Agh agh agh. Poor girl.

Well, I'm glad she's on the floor, anyway, and not bad enough to be in the PICU. Feel better, Kaitlyn!

Hey, I got around to modifying an Elmo--your directions were perfect! Thank you!

Lucy and Ethel said...

Sorry to hear she's having trouble. Hope she feels and sounds better soon!!!

At least you have a great doctor :)


Mary said...

So Sorry to hear Kaitlyn is sick and in the hospital again. We will keep her in our thoughts and prayers! HUGS!