Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bacteremia X 2 and GJ Surgery

Oh my dear! I didn't realize how long it has been since our last post! You guys must be bursting for news! I have been answering e-mails for those impatient for updates ;) Are we still in hospital you ask?? Yes, we are still here, with no discharge in sight yet! Kaitlyn is still on full TPN and is still NPO (nothing by mouth...or in Kaitlyn's case nothing going into her stomach!) not even oral meds! She has also not been getting even pedialyte through her tube, even though we know she can tolerate very small rates, as she does not need the extra fluids right now. Kaitlyn is getting over her second bout with bacteremia! We stopped the meds for the first round of bacteremia (infection in the blood) and we were waiting 48 hours to repeat the blood culture to make sure that we got all of the infection! Kaitlyn didn't even make it to 36 hours before spiking a fever and getting really sick agian! Bacteremia is NO fun! It slams one hard, especially one as weak as Kaitlyn.

SO besides the second bacteremia what's been going on....we left off with Kaitlyn needing an NJ tube placed....

Here's a bit of a journal from the past week and a half:

October 20

Soooooo....we sent down a requisition today for Radiology to place an NJ tube in Kaitlyn and the radiologist sent up a refusal post hast!!!! The radiologist on duty currently is the radiologist that perforated Kaitlyn's bowel almost two years ago exactly! He is outright refusing to place an NJ tube in Kaitlyn even thou...gh our surgeon has recommended the proceedure! The radiologist thinks she is at too high a risk of erosion or perforation of the bowel!! The poor guy is scarred for life because of what happened with Kaitlyn :( Our surgeon is on vacation until Monday, so I guess we will form Plan C at that point! Oh well, it gives us the weekend to go up on Kaitlyn's feeds very slowly and see if she can feed through her tummy! She's on IV Pantoprazole and IV Odansetron.
October 22
A full week on Cisapride.....and where are we... We are able to run pedialyte at 20 mls with zero residuals!! At 20 mls per hour of pedialyte plus her maintenance in TPN she was getting REALLY drooly. We decided to give her some formula yesterday. We double diluted some vivonex and mixed that half-and-half with pedialyte. This makes a 0.2 cal/ml solution!! We turned her rate back to 10mls per hour thinking she would have a harder time digesting the food versus pedialyte.....and her g...ut shut down again!!! UGH!! We had to leave her pump turned off all night last night. This morning we started our day with a fresh batch of half-n-half and started her rate at 2mls per hour. we upped her rate every couple of hours to 6mls per hour. Then we left her at 6mls for three or four hours, and then upped her to 8mls and she stopped digesting. This time there was a lot of green bile coming back. It seems like the Cisapride has worked to increase motility, but whether or not she will ever be able to tolerate rates sufficient to feed???? We have officially been at this for a month now!! We are ready to go home!  
Placing the NJ to test the lower bowel would be our preference (and truely the request of our surgeon). However, we will have to speak to our surgeon on Monday and re-evaluate our plan. He may be willing to place the J tube without the NJ. We just need to get home and are trying to work the best possible outcome for Kaitlyn at the same time.
October 24
Fourth day on half double-diluted formula and half pedialyte. We have been able to work Kaitlyn up to a rate of 7mls per hour. Every time we increase her rate to 8 mls per hour she backs up! Our surgeon and pediatrician will be back tomorrow. We will have to devise Plan C. In the meantime we have been dealing with a nasty thrush outbreak :( Kaitlyn's poor little mouth and throat are full of it! I have been suctioning a lot of thick white goop out of her throat! Poor girl has been asking for more vent time too.......no wonder! We have been using nystatin for the past three days and she is finally seeming a bit better today. Boy was she uncomfortable the past two days!! We have restarted her acidophillus today as her tummy is also bloated. It has been a month since she's had anything in her gut to digest! Now she is on her second round of IV antibiotics and her gut is probably stipped of any beneficial bacteria :( Hopefully the acidophillus will help if she can tolerate the additional fluid. Right now she is getting her acidophillus and her Cisapride orally and all other meds are being done IV! We are trying to give her gut the best chance we can!!! Just so ya's know....Enoxaparin injections SUCK!!! I will try to rememberto take some pictures of Kaitlyn's poor little legs when she wakes up from her nap. They are all bruised and ugly looking :( On the bright side....her port now all of a sudden gives blood back!!! It has been suggested that we have the Enoxaparin to thank for dissolving clots/fibrin from around the port allowing blood return :) This is very good news as it only took a few days for the blood to return. This could be an easy treatment for future clots/fibrin in her port!!
October 27
Kaitlyn's stomach has been completely shut down for the past two days :( She got a little distended and uncomfortable and then her tummy just decided to shut down again. For the past two days green/yellow bile has been accumulating in her tummy and she has gaggy spells that force us to aspirate her tummy and toss the bile!!! (AKA vomitting!!!). I know this story sounds all too familiar to some of you :( So what upset me today.....Our surgeon comes by today and I tell him our concerns about the bile/discomfort and intolerance to feeds. I told him we were frustrated about the green in her stomach (as it should NOT be there!!!!) and was wondering if there was another study or something we should be doing to figure out why her stomach keeps shutting down??? He said he wanted to do an upper GI with barium to see if there was any bowel blockage/adhesion (from scar tissue) or any other "reason" why food might not make it through the gut! I reminded him of the dye test that we had already done and he said that he would review that study as well as our x-rays to determine if there was ANYTHING they could attribute to blockage (partial or otherwise!).

Our surgeon comes back and tells us that he has reviewed our dye test and x-rays as well as talked to collegues and radiologists about Kaitlyn's condition. They seem to feel that because she is older now and more "robust"(????) and because they didn't see ANY scar tissue/adhesions/blockages to be concerned about they feel that she could tolerate having another GJ tube being placed. He is really concerned about putting her through another surgery, especially one that would be such high risk. I totally see his point....but on the other hand I am confused as to why he was so against having us place another GJ tube and now thinks that it is the lesser risk??? I hope he comes by tomorrow and explains everything to us!! It kind of makes me a little mad to be honest! If he had reviewed all the tests and done some consults before we discussed surgery in the beginning we could have placed a GJ tube by now and been closer to getting home!! He has also tentatively reserved surgery for Monday morning in case we need it!

We stopped the Vancomycin today for the blood infection. 48-72 hours should be enough to tell if the infection will come back. Let's hope this is the LAST blood infection we ever have!! She was pretty sick! After 48 hours we will repeat the blood cultures to make sure the infection is completely gone!

The only other thing going on the past two days has been a high blood pressure. We have had readings like 135/84, 124/88, 135/102, 140-102, 140-88 (normal blood pressure for a child Kaitlyn's age/height 92/52).....I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this??? During these blood pressures Kaitlyn has been completely comfortable...either sleeping through the entire reading or awake and happy to talk to the "visiting" nurse :)

HR has been back to normal tonight and sats are perfect!! I hope this means tomorrow will be a better day for my girl :) Another interesting point....Kaitlyn had a routine needle change in her port today and the "fluke" blood return is still there!!! It appears as though the Enoxaparin injections have given us back our blood return in our port when two rounds of the TPA didn't work!!! :) I am happy as it is an easy thing for us to try the next time that Kaitlyn's port fails blood return!

October 29
ID doctors believe that the offending bacteria is in her line. There is not much hope to save this line. However, Kaitlyn has been rendered inaccessable for PICC lines and we have already had tw...o cut downs in her left arm. Both legs have been ruined by past blood clots, resulting in too many collaterals for line placement. We have only her right arm left for venous blood draws and emergency IV lines!! We are saving the jugulars for new lines! Right now we are waiting for Monday to place a GJ tube. We are hoping to get Kaitlyn up and running with the GJ as right now her only source of nutrition is TPN. Once she is on full feeds, then she will have had a good run on IV antibiotics. When we are able to stop the TPN it will make it much less likely that the bacteria will return to the blood. If it doesn't come back then we will leave the port and pray that the infection doesn't return if it's not being fed (with the TPN). If we stop the IV antibiotic and the infection returns then we will remove the port and place another when the time is right...ASAP.
November 1
No surgery today :( Our doctors forgot to hold the enoxaparin (Blood "thinner"). It needs to be held for 24 hours before surgery! Also Kaitlyn's pre-op blood work came back with haemoglobin of 75! Normal haemoglobin is 115-145. She would have had a blood transfusion before surgery. Lets hope the sample was just diluted with the extra fluids she has been getting. We have tentative surgery now for Wed.

Well that pretty much catches us up to date for now! Will try to do another post in a few days.

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