Saturday, November 13, 2010

G-J Tube Surgery

Kaitlyn had her G-J tube surgery Nov. 3. She had to be intubated as the surgeon had to place a scope to help him guide the new tube into place. She had to have her G-tube stoma stretched to take a larger G-J tube. Our surgeon then placed the J-tube and advanced the tube well into the small bowel. Everything went so smoothly! The biggest hitch about the surgery itself was that the anesthetist knocked out one of her front teeth :( They took Kaitlyn to PICU after surgery for recovery. This way Tim and I have access to her immediately after surgery....and she is where she needs to be in case of complications. But, like a trooper, she pulled through surgery yet again with flying colors and extubated to her own vent as soon as they were happy with the placement of the J-tube and that there were no perforations, etc. She did so well we were back up to our room in PMU two hours after she was extubated!!

Other than being in a little discomfort from all the air they pumped her full doing the surgery, Kaitlyn's surgical recovery was quick! She was pretty much recovered by the third day post surgery. We started pedialyte at 5 mls per hour through her J-tube and ran that for 24 hours. The next day we tried half pedialyte/half double diluted vivonex and ran that mix at a rate of 5 mls per hour. She seemed to tolerate both the formula mix and the rate really well. We then worked her up to a rate of 15mls per hour and that's when her tummy started to bloat a bit. We held the rate at 15mls for a good 18 hours. We then slowly worked her up to 25mls per hour and that's when we started seeing some bigger residuals coming back in her tummy. We have even seen some creamy residuals very reminiscent of formula backing up into the stomach!!

Since our admission to hospital Kaitlyn has also been diagnosed with high blood pressure and is now on medication for hypertension. We have to check her blood pressure several times a day and dose her with a hypertensive med. if her BP gets too high! She has had pressures as high as 140/100 and continuously over 120/90 until we started blood pressure meds. We have been treating her for high blood pressure anytime her systolic pressure is over 120 up to every six hours. The doctors believe that Kaitlyn has hypertension because she is a chronically vented kid. Chronically ventilated kids can sometimes have hormonal imbalances and in Kaitlyn's case this seems to be true. We are awaiting some test results that should confirm our doctor's suspicions.

Here's a bit of a journal of the past few days:

November 3

Surgery was a little late today. Kaitlyn did great. Hopefully when we begin feeds in a couple of days the formula will flow in the right direction! She has some discomfort tonight, but overall not too bad. Her tummy is still pretty swollen. They knocked out one of her front teeth intubating her mouth is also a little sore!! Poor girl...and she had such a beautiful smile :(

November 6

Kaitlyn has fully recovered from surgery. We started feeds yesterday. Pedialyte running at 5mls per hour. Today we are running half pedialyte/half dd vivonex, also starting at 5 mls per hour. The directions from surgery are to go up by five every four hours! I think Tim and I may decide to up feeds a little more slowly... :) So far she seems to be tolerating the rate! Kaitlyn is still having issues with high blood pressure! She is now having to go on meds for hypertension.

November 8

We have started feeds. We have made it to 25 mls/hour of half vivonex-half pedialyte. But there is a lot of residual in her tummy! Not too sure if this is just "normal" for Kaitlyn, but it seems to me that we could run into problems if we are constantly dumping residuals from her tummy!! Perhaps we are just too anxious... to get home. Kaitlyn's tummy is nice and soft with each new increase, but her tummy is definitely bloated, compaired to her normal! She is not fussy, but she is flushing a lot the past few days. However, she is also on a number of new meds :/ Hopefully everything will sort itself out as we continue feeds!

November 13

Got to see our surgeon in a tuxedo tonight!!! I have no idea what function he was called out to to come consult our daughter....but THAT's dedication and true caring!! Kaitlyn is once again on full TPN! Yesterday and today she has been running a fever and ALL cultures are negative!! We cannot find infection reason for the fever! We did an x-ray of her abdomin this morning and her J-tube is in the right place, there is no abno...rmality to be found. However, since placing the j-tube we have been having a lot of bile back up into the stomach. When I say bile I do not mean lightly tinted greenish yellow secretions!!!! I mean thick dark brown-green, sometimes greenish-yellow, and sometimes VERY suspicious of creamy formula-like appearance!!

Yesterday and through last night Kaitlyn was getting more and more aggitated. She has not been sleeping well the past three days! Yesterday she was awake at 5:30 am, had a half hour nap in the afternoon and then stayed awake until 9:30pm! She then woke up at 12:00am until 2:00am and then woke up for the day at 6:00am!!! She was miserable ALL day today. She fussed and whimpered and even cried tears until this afternoon when she FINALLY had a three hour nap. We turned her feeds off at 9:00am this morning and they have been off since. Her tummy is quite distended and sore to the touch. Our surgeon is now thinking that she may have a bacterial overgrowth in her small bowel causing the bloating and discomfort. He wants to consult GI tomorrow and see what they think. The only other thing he is thinking is that this could just be an intolerance to gut feeds. Want to hear something crazy??? Kaitlyn's bowel still has barium dye in there from ten days ago when we had surgery!!

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sending you all our prayers, I hope they figure it out and that you guys are home soon!!!!! hugs Sheila