Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party

Owen had his school Christmas Party this past Friday. The families were all invited to attend. Tim and I decided right away(of course) not to take Kaitlyn. We are on lock down this time of year. We avoid all crowded places, especially young children, until spring is here. This may sound harsh, but when you have a child with SMA you have to avoid as many bugs as you can or spend a lot of time in the hospital.

Tim took Owen and Alexander to the party. The boys had a blast! They made Christmas reindeer hats and ate ice cream (with sprinkles!) and crackers with cheese. Tim said Alexander spent the morning in the bathroom washing his hands and tasting crackers and putting them back on the plate!! Yup that's my boy! Then Tim's talking to one of the other parents and he says that Jake's brother was home sick all week and was just getting better!!!!!!!! Jake goes to school with Owen, and Jake's brother was at the party! I just don't understand how to make these people realize what this means for us. It sure gives a whole new meaning to homeschooling!

Today Owen was acting funny. Clingy, whiny, and obnoxious! I asked Tim to check his temp. 38.3 (101). He was warm all day and went to bed with a fever. He says nothing hurts, but he's four and was whiny about something, so either he just feels like crap all over, or he can't understand how to explain what he is feeling. Tomorrow is a new day, and we shall see how he is when he wakes up! I really hope it's nothing much, we don't need illness heading into Christmas day!!

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Devon said...

Agh agh agh. I am sending sanitizing vibes your way that will kill any germs. No worries.