Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ER Visit

We had to take our oldest boy Owen in to the ER last night. He's had a cold and been running a fever for three days now, today will be the fourth, but has otherwise been fine. We thought that he just had a cold, although the fever not going away after the first day did concern me a bit. Well last night we put him to bed but he just couldn't settle. He got up around 10:00pm and was pretty upset. He had more fever, even though he had Tylenol just before bed, his left eye was a little swollen and red, and he said his ear felt funny. Tim and I decided to take him in to ER and find out what was wrong, we always get concerned when the kids have complaints outside of the ordinary cold. They got back around midnight. Owen came in toting a stuffed "Shining Star" monkey, and a purple mouth! Daddy came in with a prescription for antibiotics for Owen and Kaitlyn! Owen has an ear infection, pink eye, and a cold! Poor little guy. So far he is the only one sick. We filled a prescription for Kaitlyn, just in case she shows any signs of infection over the next couple of days. When Kaitlyn gets an ear infection it causes increased secretions, pain, and if she aspirates secretions there is always the risk that she could have a pseudomonas flare-up or other bacterial infection. If we don't treat her soon enough she could get pretty sick really fast!

All is well today. Owen is feeling better this morning, these things are always worse at night! Hopefully he'll have a better night tonight. He's pretty excited about Santa coming tomorrow, but concerned about how Santa will get into our apartment because we don't have a chimney! Owen can't wrap his head around the whole "He's Magic" angle! Kaitlyn is happy watching Dora today and when you ask her who's coming tonight she says "HO HO HO"! I don't know how she knows, she hasn't been coached, she just doesn't miss much. Alexander and Kaitlyn are both fine, so far no cold symptoms (or any other symptoms either!).

Kaitlyn enjoying her new Microlight Switch! She just loves it! It's hard to see in the picture but she was playing with her glow worm. It lights up and plays music for her!

Owen acting silly with the Christmas Stockings. He's such a clown. He put them on all by himself. The picture is blurry because he wouldn't hold still, so I had to snap it fast!

Look at all the clutter in my house!! At least the floors are shiny underneath all the toys scattered everywhere!!!

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