Monday, December 1, 2008

Saline Nebs

Well we spoke to our pulmonologist during our clinic day about trying saline nebs. We have been having issues with Kaitlyn's secretions since the colder weather started in September. We are noticing her secretions are thicker and all in her throat. Since we have had three colds go through the house beginning in September we sort of thought that the secretions were residual from the colds. But she just never quite gets better. This led us to the conclusion that the secretions are probably more environmental. A few weeks back I turned up Kaitlyn's humidifier on her bi-pap and she seemed to get a little bit better for a while. So then, networking with a few experts ;O) , we decided to ask about saline nebs. Our pulmonologist said that sometimes they have very good success with nebs and sometimes all it does is causes even more secretions. Well we decided to give it a try. I figured that it was worth a shot. I was already having to sit close by with suction in hand!

So far it seems to be working! For the last three mornings we have run saline nebs in line with her bi-pap. It seems like I'm getting a little more out of her with her morning respiratory treatment. This is really good as her secretions are much thinner throughout the morning and early afternoon and I am suctioning MUCH less. She has been going full half hours without suctioning! She hasn't done this since summer. Her secretions begin to thicken when she gets up from her afternoon nap, so I'm even considering doing another neb at the end of her nap. I'll give her a couple more days with one neb in the morning and then I'll try the afternoon neb and see how she does. Baby steps!

Tim's hernia surgery went well. He is pretty sore, and still not up and down very much, but doing a little better each day. Tim's Dad "Grampy" has been staying with us to help with the boys. I couldn't handle Kaitlyn and the boys in the mornings and the evenings. Throughout the day I can manage all three, but Kaitlyn's morning treatment takes a long time and she takes forever at night with her bath and resulting drool! The boys need supervision during these times. Thank goodness for Grampy!!

A picture of Kaitlyn sleeping while getting her saline neb. She sleeps through me stopping bi-pap, breaking the line, adding the neb. to the line, restarting bi-pap and turning on the nebulizer machine. She doesn't wake up until I have to suction her.

Owen writing letters to Santa. He had me write down what he and Kaitlyn wanted for Christmas and when I asked him what Alexander wanted he took the notebook back, ripped the page out and then told me I could write Alexanders' on another page! Funny boy!

I was drying the dishes a few mornings ago and paused for something.....then I felt a tug on my towel. The camera was on the counter in front of me!! What an opportunity! My boy loves his damp dish towels....what can I say?? He's just an odd little guy ;O)

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