Monday, December 15, 2008


Kaitlyn's haematology appointment went really well today! It would seem that we got some miss information, or misunderstood(although both Tim and I got the same message), the last time we had ultrasounds done of Kaitlyn's clots. The haematologist said that her clots appear to have resolved! We can stop the Enoxaparin injections! One more bad thing she doesn't have to suffer through everyday.

The haematologist says that he believes that Kaitlyn may be genetically prone to clotting as blood clots are diagnosed in both my family and Tim's. He said that he felt this before he knew the family history! He said that typically a child, even one prone to clotting, wouldn't necessarily be treated continuously for clots. He is inclined not to treat her as sometimes more issues are had with blood being to thin than that she would just randomly clot. Typically a clot occurs because of something foreign being introduced to a vein (central line) or a period of being bedridden (not moving about at all) or surgery, especially orthopedic surgery. The genetic testing for clotting factors involves some extensive bloodwork, and being that Kaitlyn is not an easy poke and has been through so much we have opted not to put her through this if it won't change how we are to treat her.

We have been told warning signs and what to be aware of in case she forms future clots. Kaitlyn will also have to be treated with a course of enoxaparin every time she has any procedure done that may predispose her to clots!

Kaitlyn still has some thicker secretions from time to time. She has gagged a few times over the last three days, and then I suction tons of stuff out her nose. Mostly after physio in postural drainage or a saline neb. We have not upped her treatments as she is moving the thick stuff out, and her lungs are crystal clear. Her sats have not been affected so far, except momentarily. Hopefully she will get over whatever this is pretty fast!


Mary said...

Glad to hear Kaitlyn's appointment went well!

Devon said...

Well yay for discontinuing a med. That's always a good thing! I'm so glad that it hopefully won't be too much of a problem for her!