Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twins are Two!

Well the twins are officially two! They have already had their presents and cake before today, but they were officially two at 5:30 and 5:46 am this morning. Alexander is the oldest. They were delivered extremely fast. (I woke up at 4:00 am that morning and we live about twenty minutes from the hospital.) They were born at 32 weeks and spent 15 days in NICU. They had feeding issues and a little jaundice. It's hard to believe it's been two years.

I haven't anything elegant to say. My brain doesn't do elegant on so little sleep. We are just so thankful to have both of our twins alive to celebrate the day. Kaitlyn has now lived to see her second birthday, something that our neurologist told us would probably not happen. We are hoping to have her with us for a few more years with the respiratory protocols we have worked so hard to set in place. She is a lot of work, respiratory treatments 3 times per day, feeds through her gastrotomy tube through the day and continuous feeds via feeding pump overnight, medications several times a day, extra long bath for therapy, close attention to skin care, range of motion exercises and more. Wow she's a busy girl! Kaitlyn is a very good natured baby, never fussy unless she needs something. She is getting better at letting us know what she wants. She does get bored often though, because as weak as her little body is there is nothing wrong with her brain.

Alexander is the funniest and happiest little guy that I think I have every known. His newest line is "I fwunny!" followed by a really odd little laugh :O) He's a very comical little fellow with a wonderful sense of humour. He also has a tender side that he likes to display when around his baby sister. He kisses her all the time, passes her toys and tries to play with her, and rubs her hair and says "Nieee" and "Awe baby girl".

I think that our family is very fortunate. We have three wonderful children and our family is all together.
Some early pics of the Twins!

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Darlene D said...

Kim, you are an amazing mom. Hope you're having a really good day. Reading your blog inspires me to be a better person. Thanks