Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dry Air

Apartments are such dry places! I think that everyone leaves their heat up full blast, and never opens a window for some fresh air! So far Kaitlyn is continuing to do better with her bi-pap humidifier turned up and fresh air from outside when weather permits. I can't open the windows when it's too cool outside. I barely suctioned her at all this morning. I'm so glad that there are parents out there that care, it really does help to talk things out.

We had a family doctor's appointment yesterday and we descended upon the place en-mass! When our family visits the doctor we all go together and everybody's issues all get taken care of at the same time. Thank goodness our family doctor is so sweet. We all had our flu shots and other than the boys' arms being a little sore last night everybody is fine. No adverse effects. Tim has a hernia that he needs to have surgery to fix. He's not supposed to do any lifting for a few weeks after. There goes my back! Not too sure when he will be able to get the surgery though so it might not be until the new year.

I think that lifting Kaitlyn is getting to be one of the hardest things that we have to do every day. When your child only weighs 20 something pounds you think, it's only 20 something pounds. But when you stop and think about how many times a day and for how long you are doing the lifting it all adds up to too much pretty fast! The worst is lifting Kaitlyn down to the floor and back up so that she can play with the boys. Coincidentally the floor is also the safest place for her to be with the boys around! We may have to look into getting Kaitlyn some new equipment to lessen the need to lift, and make the lifts we must do easier. Unfortunately this all costs money! Sigh!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Lets keep avoiding those bugs and broken bones!

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