Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cold Update

Well, it was bound to happen. Kaitlyn is sick too. Tim and I have it too! Alexander is the only one right now who seems to be unaffected. My symptoms aren't that bad either, mostly just a bit of a sore throat. Tim's whole voice has changed and he has a bit of a dry cough. Owen's voice is hoarse and he has a wet sounding cough. Kaitlyn went to bed last night symptom free and Tim and I were interrupted by her alarms just as we were getting ready to go to bed. Her sats were 93% and her heart rate was quite high. Tim suctioned her and got a lot of stuff out of her mouth. She was then satting 95%. I did some rounds of coughs and then got her out of bed for a full treatment. Then we did more coughs and I was able to get her back up to 96-97%. When I put her back on bi-pap she was satting 98-99% and other than being slightly wetter than normal she maintained her sats throughout the rest of the night. I let her sleep as her sats were fine and this cold seems to be another head cold.

Today she got up and she was fine. Her sats were a little low first thing this morning, but after her morning respiratory treatment she was back to normal. This cold is not in her chest, it seems so far to be all in her throat. There's nothing in her nose this time, not like the last two colds. She was really drooly today. Kaitlyn hates to drool...she tends to try and hold saliva in her mouth, swallow some and choke on what she cannot manage. This makes it harder for me because I have to stay pretty close when she's like this so she won't choke. The good thing is that she is flowing and not plugging. She felt warm all day but she doesn't have a fever yet. I think we'll just have to watch her close for the next couple of days.

I'm really hoping this is the last cold we see for this season!


Anonymous said...

Oh no Kimberley! I hope that it goes away fast and stays out of her chest. Hey, does she play with switch toys? I'm obsessed with them and love to do some for her. Prayers for you all to get well.

meb0810 said...

So sorry to hear Kaitlyn has the cold now too. Jenna has had this for the past 2 weeks. The junk is just so thick, but thankfully clear/white. Dimeptapp seems to be helping as long as she gets it q4. Sending hugs and prayers for a quick recovery!! ~Mary

Nina said...

We will have Kaitlyn on our prayer list. Lizzy still has a snotty nose but feeling as onery as ever. She got put in 5 minutes time out again. She was not as dramatic as thhe last time. She just wanted me and said her Mom is mean.

Grammy said...

Grammy is praying hard. I'll be in for hugs on Sunday. Lots of love to everyone and to helper Grampy.