Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I would like to thank everyone who gave us suggestions to help Kaitlyn with her sinus issue. She has been better the last two days, not needing near the suctioning. I did two very simple things. I started opening our windows through the day for some air exchange, which also changes the humidity in the whole house! And I turned her humidifier up on her bi-pap. I had the humidifier turned down quite a bit because of her recent cold. When Kaitlyn is really wet with cold I have to turn the humidifier down so that she doesn't need a lot of suctioning through the night, otherwise we don't get any sleep and she chokes on secretions. Because she didn't seem to be getting any better I hadn't turned the humidifier back up. I guess I won't make that mistake again.

We may have to think about buying a humidifier for the winter months when it's just way too cold to open the windows. I'm glad that we were able to solve her problem without adding a whole lot to her normal routine. She hates it when she has to stay in her room in the morning until physio and coughs are done. She can hear the boys out in the living room and naturally wants to be with them. The other issue is that the longer her morning routine takes the more damage control I have to do when we finally get out into the living room, as the boys have been unsupervised for this time.

I think we may still look into neb treatments, as I think that there are times when even just saline could be beneficial. Hope everyone keeps dodging the bugs!

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