Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poor Alexander

Well the cold has us all fast in it's grasp now. Alexander came down with the cold today. He is running a fever tonight and looking pretty pathetic the last couple of hours before bed. He was pacing the hall tonight sucking his thumb and dragging a sookie. He wouldn't eat his supper, but he did have a small snack before bed. Kaitlyn is the same, lots of thick white/clear gunk coming almost entirely from her throat. Her lungs at this point are still clear, and we hope to keep it that way. We have added an extra treatment through the day, and are suctioning her more through the night. I won't do treatments through the night when she is satting 99-100% because I feel that she needs her sleep(and without nursing do I!). We do suction her through the night as we don't want her to aspirate those secretions. Tim is still quite hoarse and so is Owen. So far I'm doing fairly well, still just a mildly sore throat and not much else:) I guess I don't have time to get sick!!

We appreciate all the well wishes and thank everyone for checking in on our girl. Especially since those checking in also have sick children at home! Here's hoping that we're just getting this all out of the way before the holiday season!

MaMa reading the kids a book. Kaitlyn likes to point at and touch everything.

Kaitlyn wasn't crying in this pic....this is how she looks when sick!

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