Monday, November 10, 2008

Owen's Cold

So, Owen's fever was gone this morning, but his nose is still stuffy and he had to stay home from Nursery School. :( His voice is a little off, we asked him if his throat was sore, but he says no. I'm not entirely convinced as he didn't eat well again today. Typically Owen EATS....and eats well. Tonight when he went to bed he was really quite hoarse. Tim got him up to pee tonight and he had a really croupy sounding cough! So far nobody else is sick. I woke up with a sore throat, but I tend to get sore throats at the drop of a I'm never really sure what the cause might be. Kaitlyn was fussy today, but she has had fussy days lately when she was obviously not sick. She wants me to hold her a lot lately. I'm not sure if it's the closeness she wants, positioning, or if she's just bored and wants to be up and moving! She sure is getting heavy, my back is in spasms over lugging her about. We NEED to get this girl mobile!

Our paediatrician called today with the "official results" of her diagnostic imaging last Friday. The arterial clots seem to have gotten better in both legs. Some of the veinous clots are worse. We have decided with the Haematologist to increase Kaitlyn's enoxaparin dose and continue the injections for a while longer and see what happens. We are making an appointment to go see the haematologist sometime soon to discuss a future plan of action. We need to plan for central lines, where to place them and a course of action to avoid any new clots. Tim and I were really hoping to be able to stop the subcutaneous injections. Perhaps if the increased dose of enoxaparin dissolves the veinous clots we can discuss with the haematologist an alternative treatment to avoid future clots.

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