Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nudge, Nudge.

Thanks for the nudge to update our blog! Kaitlyn has been doing fine the last two days. She is definitely better, but we are still having some thicker than normal secretions and I am still having to suction every few minutes. For Kaitlyn this is abnormal. Before September started we would suction very little between cough-assist rounds. Now since the change in season we are having an increase in secretions and the secretion are thicker than "normal". I put normal in quotations because normal changes often. I am starting to wonder if some of Kaitlyn's trouble with secretions isn't environmental or allergy. I have had something wrong with my sinus for the last two months also. Nothing serious, just an annoying post nasal drip. I may have to look into trying something to help dry up or at least thin out her secretions. I can hear her swallow a lot and sometimes she sounds like she has something in her throat, and we suction and nothing much is coming out. Other times we are getting out a thicker chunk of something. She is getting lots of fluids so it's not that she is dehydrated in any way.
We went over to see friends last night. What an undertaking! We don't do it very much. Kaitlyn did really well, only a couple of fussy spells. No respiratory problems at all to speak of, except the constant suctioning. The boys had so much fun with the exception of a little drama to start out. (Alexander pretending to be shy!) They dressed up and went out trick or treating. Kaitlyn didn't go out, we are still having to suction her too much for her to have had any fun. We stayed inside and had tea and chocolate bars....yumm! By the end of the evening 7:00! Kaitlyn was so tired. We packed everybody up, she fell asleep on my shoulder. We got everybody home and Kaitlyn was pretty upset as her nightly routines were all disrupted. She fussed through a quick wash and physio. Then tried to sleep through cough-assist....poor thing! Her heart rate was 150-170 and her sats were 95%, and she had a temp. of 38.7! All because she was exhausted. Once she was on Bi-pap she settled out to her normal levels for heart rate and sats. Her temp. was gone this morning. Sometimes I forget just how fragile these children are until you take them outside of their comfort zone.

Kaitlyn and Alexander enjoying some couch time together the other morning.

This is how I found my boys watching TV yesterday before leaving the house.

Spiderman...A.K.A. Owen!

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Anonymous said...

That's so sweet how they watch TV, espeically with Kaitlyn. I wanted to say that just this summer and still now, even with winter approaching, Kyle still gets these thick plugs from his sinuses. The only I've noticed to lessen them is zyrtec or claritin. I only give him 1/2 a dose in the evening b/c a full dose made the plugs too dry and thick. Give her kisses from us!