Monday, October 27, 2008

Paediatrician Appointment

We went to Kaitlyn's Paediatrician appointment today. Kaitlyn made out just fine. She choked on secretions while in the doctor's office, but otherwise it was a good trip out. She absolutely loves getting out in the van. She sat in her Max EasyS while in the van today. It's the first time that we haven't laid her down with her E-Z On vest. Not only did she travel well, she loved being up so high to see out the windows. She made all kinds of happy noises, wouldn't be quiet, and wouldn't stop she got the hiccups! She is such a funny good natured kid, full of spunk and life!

She was 11.8 kgs (26 lbs) and (86 cm) 34 inches long. She's a tall chunky monkey. She hasn't gained a lot of weight over the past few months. I think she is starting to level out a bit. She looks really healthy though.

Her cold....well she still has it, but the last two days haven't been too bad. She is mostly just got extra junk in her nose and throat in the morning. As the day goes on she is not too bad, and then gets a little worse around bedtime. Since she isn't running a fever, her sats are fine, and she doesn't even really look sick, we will not start an antibiotic at this time. I've had a bit of post nasal drip myself, with only a slightly sore throat, so I think that this is all just a mild cold running through the house. We decided to go ahead and give Kaitlyn her flu shot today. So far tonight her heart rate is really good, better than it's been, and sats are normal. She probably just needed to get out of the house.

Kaitlyn needs to go for blood work in the next little while. We are going to have her B12 and folate levels checked. She has larger than normal red blood cells, but no anemia (thank goodness). The rest of her blood work we had done the last time looks good.

Dr. Bach is giving a seminar here in Halifax tomorrow at 8:00am, and we were invited to go very last minute. (Late this afternoon in fact). Unfortunately we will be unable to go. We have nobody to take care of our boys, Tim has to work (meetings that he cannot cancel), and there is nobody else that can take care of Kaitlyn. I would take her with me, but the seminar is not specifically SMA related, and I wouldn't want anyone to be annoyed at me for suctioning every few minutes the entire seminar. But what I wouldn't give to meet the man responsible for my daughter living as long as she has. I say him specifically as it was his protocol and research that we found first in our efforts to find ways to improve the quality of our daughter's life.

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