Saturday, October 25, 2008

Better Day

Well we had a better day today. It started out a little rough. We finished our first round of coughs and I was getting ready to lift Kaitlyn out of her crib when she started coughing. She couldn't get her breath the coughing was so intense. I suctioned her really well and then grabbed the cough-assist I got three coughs and a mouthful of yuck, suctioned and got a couple more coughs. When I got her mouth clear and she could breathe again I suctioned her nose and got tons of stuff! It just kept rolling out of her poor nose. When I couldn't get anymore out through her nose I coughed her again and didn't get much so we started our day as normal. The funny thing through this whole cold is that her sats have been fantastic 98-100% all the time. She had one or two little coughs through the day, but nothing serious. It didn't seem like I was suctioning as much today. Hopefully we have seen the worst of this cold and thankfully it has been really mild! The boys are both fine. They still have a bit of a dry cough, and Alexander's nose is still a little wet but I don't think I wiped it as much today.


Spinal Muscular Atrophy - Shira Fisher said...

Sounds like nothing too serious which is excellent news. I don't know how you suction through the nose but I used to use the suction catheter then someone showed me how to use the actual suction machine hose over the nostril which obviously has a much wider opening and can take out more mucous all at once. Anyways, enough bodily function talk. She looks great. Brad

Jacob's Mom said...

Glad to hear she is feeling better and the boys are getting over it. All that yuck can be so scary! Hopefully the worst has passed and she is on the mend! Still sending big prayers! You gotta get better Kaitlyn, Jacob says saying all these prayers for sick SMAers is wearing him out at night and he needs his twin buddy off the list!