Monday, October 13, 2008


Kaitlyn has been doing well the last two days. Her secretions are increased and thicker than normal. My biggest concern is her pseudomonas. We have been watching her extra close, and are doing extra treatments. Tomorrow I will try to get in touch with our pediatrician. We have started an antibiotic just to be safe. Her fever only ever spiked that once and after one dose of tylenol never came back. I think that we were lucky and managed to get out what she aspirated. It is very unlikely that she aspirated anything more than her own secretions. There was no indication that she aspirated formula.

We are supposed to go for a wheelchair trial again tomorrow. It's the first one in a month! I think we'll go unless there are any major changes in Kaitlyn. So far she hasn't needed any extra time on bi-pap, her sats are fantastic (98-100%) just the increase in secretions. She may not tolerate any length of time sitting up tomorrow, but if she can just tolerate it long enough to check the adaptations they were supposed to have made then it will be a productive appointment. This chair would only be a loaner, but it will let her figure it out enough to get funding for a chair of her own. We are very anxious to get Kaitlyn moving.

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