Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy Hair

Kaitlyn has been doing pretty well the last few days. We have had short spells of sitting up...yay! I was reading the other day that symptoms of hayfever can happen while using Enoxaparin. Kaitlyn has been receiving enoxaparin injections for the past month for blood clots in the groin of both legs. I hope that she can adjust to the increase in secretions.

She was having an absolute BLAST tonight chasing brothers with Daddy. Tim carried her and hollered at the boys and everybody was running up and down the halls. Lots of noise, bouncing and smiles. Tim noticed how long Kaitlyn's hair is getting. I can't believe how fast the children grow! Our oldest boy, Owen, will be 4 years old November 14th and the Twins will be 2 years old November 30th.

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