Sunday, October 26, 2008


Now I'm confused. Last night was just awful. I was up with Kaitlyn four times coughing her, and Tim was up with her twice for suctioning. She was really wet and we were getting out some pretty thick junk from her nose. We have an appointment for the pediatrician tomorrow so we will decide then whether or not to start an antibiotic. I am also dreading what kind of a night we will have tonight. I can go one or two nights on next to no sleep, but anything more and I start to "malfunction". Especially since I have not only Kaitlyn full-time but my two boys as well. We only have a nurse for two hours twice a week for a total of four hours! Not nearly enough. Thankfully this cold or sinus thing(whatever it is) has not affected her sats, although last night and today I have seen her sit at 98% and even dip to 97% for a bit. While these numbers are excellent they are not normal for Kaitlyn.
My girl and me yesterday. She was a little cranky today having missed all that sleep last night.

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