Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bloodwork and Slings

We've had a few quiet days around here. Kaitlyn has been enjoying some play with slings. We have never set Kaitlyn up in slings before. She really seems to love it. She has always had some movement in her arms, and minimal movement in her legs, but she is enjoying the freedom of movement that the slings offer. She can really kick those legs now, she sort of looks like a little frog laying on its back. She is tickled when she can swing her legs far enough to "click" her heels together.

We have finished our round of antibiotics from her aspiration. She seems not to have suffered any set backs from this whole episode, for which we are very thankful. We got a call from our pediatrician at the beginning of the week. She says that Kaitlyn's recent blood work shows larger than normal red blood cells. I find this a little worrisome, as this has happened before, and in August when she had to go for emergency surgery she needed a transfusion of blood and platelets. I didn't really question this too much at the time I guess we were just so concerned about pulling through the surgery and getting her home and figuring out a whole new way of feeding our daughter.....etc., etc. Now when I look back I should have questioned why her platelets and blood were low. She had been really healthy before her J-tube blocked.

We have an appointment with our pediatrician in another week, so I guess we'll discuss a plan of action at that time.

Alexander has been really funny lately. He wants to be just like big brother. The other day Owen come home with a necklace he had made at nursery school. Alexander wanted one too, so I made him a necklace with some old buttons, and he was so proud to be just like brother.

Not sure what's on Alexander's face....we're going through a dipping faze.

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