Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wheelchair Trial

Kaitlyn had her wheel chair trial today. She tolerated sitting up very well. We are trialing a wheelchair through our local children's hospital. You can tell that they haven't dealt with children like Kaitlyn before. It is soooo frustrating. The wheelchair rep. doesn't carry demo chairs and pieces. He has a base for us to trial, but the seating and joystick are posing a problem. The joystick especially is not working out. They keep trying to mount the joystick in the center but they don't even have an arm to put it on. They say when they find something that she can use then they will know what to order, and request for funding.

This makes me a little upset because I don't see how Kaitlyn can even learn how to drive without the proper set-up. She is very interested in grabbing the joystick and spinning the chair in circles. She thinks that it is funny when the chair moves, but she cannot make the chair go in all directions because she can't move her hand in the required positions. I have shown them some things that have worked for other SMA children, but they are more interested in trying to make what they have work.

Kaitlyn enjoyed the afternoon out of the house. She loves going in the van, and often asks "Go..car-car". Here's a pic of her on the way home today watching, what else, Dora!

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