Monday, April 6, 2009


Where does the time go!?! I had to give the boys a hair cut the other day. Everytime I have to cut their hair I feel like I age them several months each! Don't you find when they get hair cuts that they look older?? Tried to take some pics for all to see.

Attempt number one at a nice pic! BRATS!!

They of course thought it was funny to vex Mama! They were sharing a laugh!
I think this was the sixth shot....not too bad! LOL

We measured how tall the kids were the other night. Owen is almost 44 inches tall and four years old. Alexander is 35 1/2 inches tall and 2 years. Kaitlyn we have to try and stretch out her contractures in her knees to get something even close to her full height!!! She measures 37 inches tall and 2 years!!! She's always been bigger than Alexander but WOW! I cannot believe how tall she is! Kaitlyn doesn't get haircuts, but i thought that I would take some pics to document her growth as well.
One for the camera!!
Look how crazy long my hair is!! Check out those natural highlights! Bet you're jealous!!
She's getting to be quite an armful for Daddy!


Devon said...

Look at that lovely long hair!!

Man, she's tall! Are you guys tall???

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Miss Kaitlyn! I love her smile, like she knows it! Kyle is long for his age too, 45" and 4 yrs old! Poor Tyler is trying to catch up.

Anonymous said...

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