Monday, April 27, 2009

The Many Faces of Owen and More.....

Alexander is such a good little guy. After getting a start on some of my morning chores I come out to find Alexander just sitting in the "cumfty" Spiderman chair just playing with his die-cast cars! He plays with die-cast cars, one in each hand, ALL day long!

Trying the floor out, but not willing to give up the chair! If his bum leaves the chair it might get snatched! (p.s. the red socks are in the garbage tonight...we are poor, but not destitute)

Kaitlyn playing with piggy and waiting for brother to appear around the corner!

Do Ya think she LOVES her brother!?!

The "Many Faces of Owen"! Owen is an entertainer by heart. He wanted me to take his picture while making all sort of funny faces. It was our entertainment while waiting to go for the mail. It's really sad, but living in an apartment building we don't have a backyard to send the kids out to break up the monotony. So trips down to the lobby to fetch the mail have become a family outing...if you will! It's the highlight of the day, even Kaitlyn has started fussing when we don't get our act together and get out the door quick enough to suit her!! So Owen's antics were a welcome diversion!!

In the elevator on the way to get the mail. The boys always have to bring something to ride on. Tonight it was their Bopper balls.

Kaitlyn gets to carry the mail back. She's the only one that won't wreck it or loose it on the way back home. The only issue big of a fit will she throw when we take her letter from her when we get home!?! The girl likes her letters!!

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Lucy and Ethel said...

What cute pictures!

I love my mail, too :)


PS - We have some of those socks....