Monday, April 13, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Not too much to report from the last few days. Everything's been pretty quiet! The kids had a good Easter weekend. The boys went down to the Valley (two hours away) to visit with Grammy and Grampy. They had a blast! They love going there as they get to go outside and get to do activities that they wouldn't get to do at home. Daddy brought them home on Saturday so that they wouldn't miss the Easter Bunny gifts Sunday morning.

The Easter Bunny found them all. Kaitlyn got mostly clothes and a couple of teeny stuffed bunnies and a stuffed pink chick! This girl is nuts about stuffed animals, but they have to be animated by someone!! But the resulting giggles are worth the extra work to help her play! Owen and Alex got some CARS DVD character cars (they are nuts about die-cast cars, especially Alexander), some chocolate and goodies, new hats, Owen got a truck and Alex got a Bopper Ball. Everyone was quite happy with their gifts.

This is an older pic. I've had it for a few days, but I had to post it as it was such an AWWWW moment! These boys are glued at the hip. I hope they are always this close! Owen was showing Alexander some of his favourite things on the computer. Owen says, "do you want to see this little Buddy?" He's an AWESOME big brother....well, most of the time!

Kaitlyn likes to watch the boys playing on the computer. She can play her own games but it is getting so that she likes watching them play because she cannot play the same games as them! It's so sad sometimes as I feel like she's being left behind. The games out there for single switch are obviously not very challenging!! She gets too bored. But communication devices are extremely expensive and I am not aware of any funding porgrams that will cover communication devices.

Kaitlyn enjoying a taste of Daddy's bacon Easter Sunday. She thought it was pretty funny to bite down hard so that Daddy couldn't pull the bacon back out of her mouth. Good thing she didn't bite a peice off!

I gave Kaitlyn my popscicle stick, she wanted it REALLY bad! LOL So I let her chew on it, which she thought was pretty funny.

Even more hysterical was when she bit down on the stick and it bopped bunny in the chin flipping his head up and down. Too Funny! She got the closest to an outright giggle I have seen in a while.

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