Monday, August 25, 2008


Kaitlyn has thrush! I guess this explains her increase in secretions for the past couple of days. She's been really drooly and needing much more frequent suctioning than normal. We have never had thrush before. She has had yeasty problems with fingers and toes, the backs of her knees and around her G-tube site before but most of these problems cleared up entirely once we started Kaitlyn on Dairy-Free Acidophillus. I guess that we didn't up her dosage enough, or for long enough, while she was on all those antibiotics this last hospital stay. GRRR! I hate to see her have something that might have been avoided.

Anyway, we will try the Nystatin as that is what her pediatrician has suggested. It should do the trick, and I will put her back on her higher dose of acidophillus until it clears. She has had a bit of a rash around her hairline and her face the last few days also but I didn't think of yeast until I saw the thrush. She only has a couple of small spots of thrush on the back of the right side of her tongue. Hopefully it will clear up in a few days.

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