Friday, August 8, 2008

Ultrasound and Max Easys

We had Kaitlyn in today for an ultrasound of her legs to see if the clots are resolving. So far the Enoxaparin seems to be working. There is some change in the clotting in both her legs. We are leaving the dosage the same for now and will hope for the best. We will repeat the ultrasound in a few weeks to see if the clots are completely gone. When the clots are resolved we should be able to stop the Enoxaparin injections. Then we have to have blood work and follow up to see if Kaitlyn has some predisposition to clotting (other than not moving and poor muscle tone).

Kaitlyn finally got her Max Easys Stroller. What a fantastic stroller. We just love it and so does Kaitlyn. She can finally sit up supported and she is loving it! We were hoping that the cough-assist would drop onto the vent tray easier, but at least it does fit and we can now go places with our daughter. When we turn Kaitlyn's seat around to face us the cough-assist will drop onto the smaller of the two trays and we have added a support to that tray to manage the weight. Kaitlyn prefers to sit facing out, but for shorter trips she will have to make do.

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