Friday, August 22, 2008

Wheelchair Trial and Stitches

We had to take Kaitlyn to the hospital today to have some stitches checked. Her recent surgery was all done laporascopically(so there were no stitches in the skin) and yet there were stitches poking out of two of her laporascopic sites. The sites have all healed very nicely and the stitches aren't causing any trouble we just thought that they should be checked as we weren't told that this was something that we might see. The surgery resident said that they were internal stitches poking out and that they were dissolvable and shouldn't cause any problems. He told us that we could go ahead and trim them off or flush to the skin and the rest would dissolve on the inside.

Kaitlyn had another wheelchair trial today. She did well again today, but the trial was sort of a waste of time because the modifications they were supposed to make didn't get done. We scheduled the appointment earlier in the day this time because last time Kaitlyn fell asleep in the chair! Today she was still really tired. We aren't really sure why she is so tired, perhaps she is still getting over her surgery. And she is really just tired as her sats have not been affected and no other symptoms.

The venting is going much better. We had to make some very minor changes to her diet. We now feed her more of her fruits and veggies through the day and just juices and vivonex through the night(as this combination is thinner). She seems to vent better when the fluid she is getting is thinner as well as when the rates are slower. We have been contemplating doing some bolus feeds through the day instead of continuously 20 hours a day. We still aren't sure really how to go about this. And we hate to change things too much when she is doing so well. Her secretions are a little thicker these days, but that is probably due to her colonized pseudomonas. We give her as much fluid 20 hours a day as we can plus bolus water for flushes, so she is getting plenty.

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