Monday, March 23, 2009

RSV Day 10

Not much to report about day ten. I had been fighting a stomach bug and finally had to call Tim and tell him to come in. There was no way that I was going to be able to stand and do cough-assist when I was running to throw up!! So I went home early Sunday morning and Tim stayed with Kaitlyn. I stayed in bed almost the entire day Sunday. Tim got sick through the night Sunday. I got back to the hospital this morning early(Monday). I'm NOT 100% but at least I'm not throwing up anymore, and poor Tim needed a break. Hopefully he'll go home and spend the day in bed!!

Kaitlyn made out fine yesterday. He bi-pap settings went down. She's almost back to her home settings. Her sats are also much better. Our goal for today is to stretch her treatments from Q3 to Q4 and see how she tolerates the change. Her lungs sound much better, but she is still throwing the odd plug! We have also decided to try upping her feeds again. SLOWLY! She's getting 10mLs and hour now, we will up that to 12mLs and then up to 15mLs depending on how she tolerates. Kaitlyn's pediatrician is back today(Monday) so finally we should have some consistency to her management and hopefully get out of the hospital by the end of the week! Provided we can keep this stomach bug from her!! Keep your fingers crossed that Kaitlyn doesn't get anything new over the remainder of our stay!


Devon said...

Fingers crossed for the sweet Kaitlyn. Go girlie!

And you all get better too!

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn - you are still in my thoughts and I hope you keep fighting! Your strong family is in my thoughts too... and I am praying that you will all feel better soon!

Sarah from Michigan

Sky said...

Day 10, they say RSV in our kids last about 2 weeks, so you guys should almost be out of the woods soon! Praying she does well on her feeds and dosent require another central line! hugs Sheila