Monday, March 16, 2009

RSV Day 6

So Kaitlyn woke up this morning with much better sats. After they placed the peripheral line (IV) and Kaitlyn got her PPN she was much better hydrated. We began getting more stuff up out of her lungs and upper airways. After about three more treatments her sats were in the higher 90's (95-97) almost the entire afternoon.

Kaitlyn's IV blew around 9:00am this morning and had to be removed. This meant no more PPN and no more additional hydration. Kaitlyn's dietician was in this morning and decided after several calculations that she really should get some nutritional support. The pediatrician on the floor didn't want to put Kaitlyn through another poke if the line was only going to blow that fast again, but what choice do we have? I cannot let her go a single day more without proper nutrition. The doctors agreed. Another request went out to get the best person in the hospital to place the new IV! The line was placed later this afternoon and after the second treatment today Kaitlyn began to run lower sats again!! Man! This girl likes to be hydrated!! I cannot believe that a few hours on low rate feeds alone could make such a difference!

After fluids were started through the new line Kaitlyn did a little better through her afternoon therapies. By this evening her sats were back up again and we are again getting a bit up. Without the PPN Kaitlyn's mouth gets sticky and NOTHING is mobilized!

No other significant changes! Still on Q3 treatments, only using regular saline nebs, and trying to just let her rest between treatments!!

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Devon said...

I'm so glad to hear she's doing better. Keep it up!!