Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 2 of Cold Two

Well morning two is definitely worse than yesterday! The boys are both mouth breathers today and NOT happy about it. Alexander's fever is back but is still low grade. They are both coughing more, nice crunchy wet coughs!! LOVELY! HA!

Alexander can't keep his hands away from his nose. He is constantly fussing over it! He's only two and cannot figure out how to blow it effectively. I keep thinking, "how am I ever going to wash his hands enough to keep the germs down so that Kaitlyn won't catch this cold?" I'm realizing that I won't keep the hands washed!! I'm going to have to wash myself EXTREMELY often, clean surfaces like crazy, and "kill" the first boy that touches Kaitlyn while sick!! It may sound really sad to someone who isn't immersed in the SMA world, but our boys know that they cannot touch Sissy when they are sick!! Even Alex!!! They seem to understand that she is different and just accept that they cannot touch her! Life gets sooo complicated when we have to go to the hospital!

I'm really hoping that Kaitlyn doesn't catch this cold. While it isn't at this stage a chest cold, it is causing thick secretions in both boy's noses and a crunchy wet cough. Something that could easily be FAR worse in their sister! We're keeping our fingers and toes crossed that Kaitlyn doesn't catch this cold!! I guess we'll know today or tomorrow whether or not we've dodged this one or not.

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Devon said...

We are keeping our fingers crossed for her! I totally know what you mean about the crazy cleaning...we had to do that this week as I had strep. Let's wrap K in bubble wrap until cold season is over. I can't wait.