Sunday, March 8, 2009

Second Cold of 2009

Yesterday we had such a beautiful day with friends at their home. Their little guy has been quite ill! He had RSV with pneumonia, couldn't eat or drink much and lost a bit of weight. He was just starting to feel a little better, eating and drinking again, when he got a stomach bug. The poor little guy was vomiting for days. He is much better now, and has been told by his pediatrician to stay home (not go to school and stay out of crowds). His immune system probably isn't up to snuff quite yet. We went to visit them yesterday. Everybody was well and my boys were soooo excited to finally get to see their buddy!! Owen sneezed once or twice while we were there, but I thought nothing of it as Owen has allergies, he often sneezes in a strange environment.

That night the boys were sneezing a bit and Owen coughed once or twice, but again I still didn't think much of it. After the boys had their bath, they looked like they had been drug behind wild horses. They were beat!! Poor Alex could barely keep his eyes open. At 7:30pm Owen says, "I think I'll go to bed now"! He was the first one in bed, usually the last because he is the oldest. I thought HMMMMM they must be really tired! I carried Alexander down to bed next and he felt warm. Our kids almost always feel warm, they run hot! But I decided to check his temp. as we are paranoid about illness in our house! To my surprise he had a bit of a fever. Low grade, but still a fever.

This morning I woke up to the sound of Owen coughing! My first thought, oh NO here we go again! My second thought, Oh crap we were over to our friends home the day before!! But we had no way of knowing! I feel just awful. Owen's nose is all stuffed up and I think all the coughing is from the drainage down the back of his nose. The cough is wet, but not in his chest!! His voice is also scratchy, but he says that he hasn't a sore throat. Alexander had a fever this morning 37.9 degrees, stuffy nose, wheeze, and a bit of a cough! We spent the day wiping noses, hand cleaning/sanitizing, trying to keep Alex from crying (as he gets wheezy and chokes), and sooking two sick boys.

So far Kaitlyn hasn't shown any signs of cold!! Hopefully she will not! The boys have runny noses, are sooky and tired, but at least they aren't that sick. When the cold is in the's a good cold!!! We are hoping this cold blows over as fast as the last one did! And we are also REALLY hoping that he boys didn't pass on their cold to their buddy! I would feel just awful if he got sick because of my boys.

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Connor's Mom said...

Oh no! I hope everybody feels better soon!