Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RSV Day 11-12

Sorry for no post for days 11-12. I sort of got caught up in my own illness!! So what happened Monday....we went down on Kaitlyn's Bi-pap settings. She had been holding 98% and above the entire night Sunday night. Only one jump down to home settings! We moved Kaitlyn's treatments from Q3 to Q4 and she has tolerated this just fine. She is still getting the odd pluggy thing up but overall is doing fantastic! Our goal was to also up her feeds and see how she tolerated the change. We went from 10mLs an hour up to 12mLs then fifteen, then up by 5 mLs every four hours.

So far Kaitlyn has tolerated rate increases without any issues. She seems to be digesting everything just fine now. I really think that she just needed the break from eating. Kaitlyn lost her PICC line in her arm Tuesday morning. Her arm was very sore and swollen. I cannot believe that she blew four lines this hospital stay!! Craziness! I guess we'll be having a lot of discussions now about ports (central veinous access). It would seem with Miss Kaitlyn that we haven't much choice anymore! We have tried just about every type of line they can place, and she chooses to blow them all except the central line in the groin. This is the line we requested upon our arrival in hospital the very first day. They didn't place the line....for whatever reason!!! And then a week later when they decided to try she had been undernourished and under hydrated for a whole week.....so no wonder they couldn't place the line! They won't do a jugular poke in this hospital without a secure airway (intubation)....so this was of course never an option for us! Our pediatrician has included in Kaitlyn's protocol...MUST FIND CENTRAL ACCESS STRAIGHT AWAY! Do you think next time they'll listen to us!?! I sure hope so.


Devon said...

AGH! Why won't doctors just listen in the first place? That would go so far towards helping things...

Keep getting better, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn - you and your family are still in my thoughts! We had a beautiful day here in Michigan today, and I am sending some sunny days and big smiles to you... I hope they help you feel better soon!

Sarah in Michigan