Saturday, September 27, 2008

All's Quiet

Everything is still good with us. Kaitlyn has had a bit of residual chunks coming out but so far she's continuing to do better every day. We still can't sit her up for very long or she'll choke. We don't seem to be suctioning her near as much as long as she is laying flat. Funny how when they get sick it's always two steps back. She is so happy and has rediscovered how to turn her head from side to side over the last few weeks. She just thinks that this is the funniest thing, especially when we say "Kaitlyn Anne what are you doing.....Your not supposed to be able to do that..." She laughs and laughs. It's funny how she can turn her head but she cannot swallow or even manage secretions very well.

Thank goodness all she wants to do lately is watch Dora..Dora..Dora. Which she can say plain as day. Between watching Dora and her brothers she has been pretty content to lay on the couch.

Telling MaMa a Story:


meb0810 said...

So glad to hear Kaitlyn is starting to feel better! And I LOVE the picture of her telling you a story! Priceless! ~Mary Boguhn -

Nina said...

So glad she is feeling better!! She is such a little princess!