Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lingering Colds Grrr

Well we are still dealing with a lingering head cold, but I think that Kaitlyn may finally be on the mend. She didn't require near the suctioning today and the secretions were thinner than the last few days. We aren't celebrating yet, but I think the end might be near. It will be so nice to sit her up again.

Kaitlyn's pediatrician called today and said that the lab at our children's hospital couldn't process her culture. I'm not to sure what happened, but I would like to know why the sample couldn't be processed. It's not the first time that we have sent in a culture, so I know that we did everything right. Anyway I decided not to send another unless she gets worse or doesn't get any better over the next couple of days. Our pediatrician is awesome and on call if we need anything.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments we greatly appreciate all your support.

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