Monday, September 22, 2008


I called Kaitlyn's pediatrician today for a requisition for a sputum culture. Kaitlyn is not getting any better and in fact is getting worse. Her secretions are fairly thick. There is nothing in her lungs at this stage she is beautifully clear. Her sats are holding at 98 and above off Bi-pap. It is definitely a head cold. Her heart rate is up a bit and she had a fever for a day but is currently gone. We had the culture done because we are concerned also about her colonized pseudomonas. If it seems at all like she may be having a flare up she will have to go back on antibiotics again. I didn't want to treat with antibiotics as Kaitlyn has recently had yeast. The poor thing has been on a lot of antibiotics the past few months. Everytime the yeast seems to get worse and worse.

If the sputum culture indicates a pseudomonas flare up we will have to treat with antibiotics. Pseudomonas is pretty nasty stuff. One day Kaitlyn is fine and the next she is 24/7 Bi-pap with O2. Hopefully this is just a lingering head cold, that will soon start to get better.


Anonymous said...

Hope Kaitlyn stays well and it stays out of her lungs! My son, Kyle, has sma type 1 also and will turn 4 on november 1st. I also know of another Kaitlyn in Canada with type 1 sma who is 6. She sure is pretty!

meb0810 said...

So sorry to hear Kaitlyn is sick. I hope her cultures come out negative and the cold clears up real soon!
As for the yeast issues, is she on Probiotics? If so, you can double her dose when on antibiotics.
Sending big hugs and prayers!
Mary & Jenna Boguhn,

MJ said...

Hope Kaitlyn feels better soon! If it is pseudomonas, I use Zithromax 3 days a week. It's very helpful. She looks great on the picture to the right. Give her a hug from us!
MJ & Brenda